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Let us introduce you to our Toddler Room! 

We are a very energetic group of Toddlers. There's lots of fun learning and exploring our surroundings every day. In the Toddler Room we work on shapes, numbers, letters and colors. We also create our own masterpieces and do daily sensory projects. Our staff teaches using the Early Learning Success Curriculum. We use flashcards to work on first words, colors, shapes, ABC's, numbers and counting. Our class does toddler based science experiments, and art projects including coloring, gluing, pasting, painting and mosaics. There are daily supervised sensory projects such as cloud dough, rice, sand, water, play-dough, and slime/gak. The children have daily exercise using large muscle equipment such as our outdoor toddler-friendly playground, indoor tunnels and climbers, dancing and streamers. We work on fine motor skills using blocks, puzzles, stacking, and coloring. Music is incorporated with sing alongs, finger plays, and dancing. We also work with your child on potty training and hand washing.

Our staff maintains the proper 7 to 1 child to staff ratio. We attend regular inservice training to continually further our education, and keep our classroom records up to date. We keep our toys and room clean. Our environment is decorated with toddler-friendly decor to stimulate their senses. Monthly newsletters are sent home to keep parents informed. 

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