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Let us introduce you to our Infant Room! 

In the Infant Room our focus is on your precious baby. We indulge in daily activities such as sensor,y artwork, story time, fingerplays songs and rhymes with actions, and basic sign language. We actively play with your child using toys that encourage and develop large motor skills. We do group play and socialization with their baby classmates. There is lots of one-on-one snuggle time with teachers. We introduce new foods and teach the beginnings of eating with utensils. When the weather permits we take stroller rides and enjoy the sunshine. We also make certain your little one's needs are met with regular diaper changes and personal hygiene, naps, and tummy time. Each day's details are tracked on a Daily Infant Sheet. 

Our staff maintains the proper 4 to 1 child to staff ratio. We attend regular inservice training to continually further our education, and keep our classroom records up to date. We keep our toys and room clean. Our environment is decorated with baby-friendly decor to stimulate their senses. Monthly newsletters and food sheets are sent home to keep parents informed. 

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